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Gone in Sixty Seconds

About the Actors and Actress:

Nicholas cage: Plays the main character who after leaving his hometown due to his bad street record for boosting cars is forced to return and do one last job to save his little brother Kip! His driving skills are optimun in this action thriller with a fantastic car chase in the end.

The brother of Nicholas Cage. Gets into some trouble with a foreign, big money, illegal business tycoon. He has to steal 50 high profile cars in two days since he messed up on his last deal. He plays the younger brother who wants to prove he's just as good or even better than his brother.

The extremely beautiful Angelina Jolie plays ... who is the girl Cage left. She is not only attractive, but enjoys cars as much as he does.

Delroy Lindo acted as Detective Castleback, an officer who had been chasing Randall Raines since before he left town, but could never pin him in jail.
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